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Ideal Garage Solutions of Texas

Organizing One Garage at a Time

Call today to find out why our storage units are the strongest and most versatile units on the market.

When was the last time you saw your Garage Floor? Start using your garage for what it is really meant for--YOUR CARS! You're just a five minute phone call away from the organized garage you have always wanted.

Ideal Garage Solutions of Dallas is #1. Why? Because our Garage Shelving is the most innovative, high-quality garage storage concept in America. With over 20,000 garage storage units already installed, our own professional, well-trained and certified installers can handle virtually any DFW garage storage problem. We offer the safest and strongest Racks at the most competitive prices. Call us today. We'll help you SAVE MONEY on your project.

How We Work
After just a 5 minute conversation, we'll give you an estimate and arrange a time to meet with you. We'll take measurements of your Garage and make recommendations based on your garage storage needs and your ceiling structure. For your convenience, our trained and certified installers will even install on the same visit! We'll help you SAVE TIME on your project.

This complete Garage Storage Solution will allow you to see your garage floor again! Our quality Racks and Shelves eliminate wasted space, and at the same time create valuable new storage space and added room and gets the Garage Organized. A ceiling mounted rack system works perfectly for the organization of the many items that aren't used everyday, but can still take up valuable floor space.

Our high-quality Shelves are the most effective way to create more garage space, get rid of the clutter, and put the items that you need within close reach.

We are organizing Homes one garage at a time Call us today for an estimate!

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